About FADICA's Safeguarding Initiative

In 2018, FADICA members came together to shape proactive and collaborative solutions to the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and in society. FADICA’s Safeguarding Initiative—inspired by the Funder Safeguarding Pledge—enables member funders and their grantee partners to access no-cost resources and expert support, focused on safe organizational environments for everyone.

Together, we can change the culture.

FADICA believes that philanthropy can boldly proclaim the priority of safeguarding. By working together, funders and grantee partners can improve operational practices that protect vulnerable persons, while contributing to a broader cultural conversation that moves the needle for organizational safeguarding norms.

Safeguarding best practices require knowledge and investment from all members of a community. Funders are well-placed to walk with partners, developing their own internal best practices, while also helping deliver diverse resources, access, and costly capacity-building to grantee partners.

Shared values inform many philanthropic relationships, and safeguarding, rooted in acknowledging and protecting the dignity of all persons, is no exception. Safeguarding efforts from funders and grantees can complement existing efforts from nonprofits, government, and religious institutions.

Core Values Uniting Funders and Grantee Partners

Funders and grantee partners are often aligned on key principles of service, justice, or faith. Working together to support safeguarding solutions within one’s community of impact is a natural next step.

Every person has dignity.

The safety and well-being of all staff, volunteers, and clients is a priority for any service provider or ministry.

Change starts locally.

Organizations committed to safety educate and empower their stakeholders, from leadership to team members to the community.

Safeguarding access is critical.

Access to diverse safeguarding resources, including regular orientation and training, helps organizations develop best practices.

Collaboration produces results.

Working within your network and partner organizations, alongside leaders in faith and civil society, catalyzes change.

Safeguarding Network & Partners

Safeguarding can be a shared value between funder and grantee… By normalizing this conversation, by tackling this issue together as a community, we can contribute to overall culture change.

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