Committed to Protecting Children
and Vulnerable Adults

Honoring the dignity of every individual, especially vulnerable persons, means prioritizing safe environments within philanthropic, non-profit, and faith-based organizations. FADICA’s Safeguarding Initiative engages funders and their grantee partners, working to develop, build, and sustain safeguarding best practices.

Uniting Partners, Safeguarding Communities

Welcome to this community of learning, focused on safeguarding!

FADICA warmly welcomes you and your organization as you seek to understand more about safeguarding and philanthropy. In this space, we will share resources and information focused on preventing abuse, understanding and mitigating abuse risk, and developing safeguarding best practices within your organization. We want to help you support an organizational culture where the safety of vulnerable persons, clients, volunteers, and staff is prioritized.

FADICA is the leading philanthropic peer network serving as a catalyst for a vital Catholic Church, Catholic ministries, and the common good. We promote the growth and effectiveness of Catholic philanthropy inspired by the joy of the Gospel and the Catholic social tradition.

Philanthropy has a vital role in promoting safeguarding and offering expert support and resources. Recognizing and embracing this role, FADICA launched its Commitment to Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection in 2020. At the heart of this new initiative is the Funder Safeguarding Pledge, which communicates funders’ commitment to supporting safe environments within their organization and partner organizations.

By taking the pledge, FADICA members extend capacity-building resources to any and all grantee partners. Key safeguarding resources include sample policies, webinars, trainings, and expert consultations at no cost.

Whether you are a FADICA member funder or grantee, we look forward to collaborating in pursuit of safer environments.

Safeguarding's Impact

Everyone is a stakeholder in safety.

Empowered, observant stakeholders

Informed service providers, participants, and beneficiaries help create and sustain safe environments. A proactive team is a conscientious team, knowledgeable of boundaries, aware of risks, and committed to continuing education and development.

Strengthened organizational policy & response

Communicating an organization’s zero tolerance for abuse, affirmed by a written safeguarding policy, is a necessary first step in establishing safeguarding best practices.

Defined policy sets the tone.

Closing safeguarding gaps is crucial.

Increased protections for the most vulnerable

Organizations with strong protocols and educated personnel signal to clients and the general public that safety is a priority. Normalizing safeguarding in conversation and practice creates safer environments for vulnerable persons.

Resources Dedicated to Supporting Youth

Targeted resources for direct-service providers and nonprofits, primarily serving youth populations

Resources Dedicated to Supporting Vulnerable Adults

Targeted resources for direct-service providers and nonprofits, primarily serving vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding Network & Partners

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