Committed to
Protecting Children
and Vulnerable Adults

Honoring the dignity of every individual, especially vulnerable persons, means prioritizing safe environments within philanthropic, non-profit, and faith-based organizations. FADICA’s Safeguarding Initiative engages funders and their grantee partners, working to develop, build, and sustain safeguarding best practices.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is a word that is recognized globally by many institutions working to protect minors and vulnerable persons, although it is sometimes used less frequently in North America, where safe environment and abuse prevention are common phrases. Safeguarding includes protection from all types of abuse, exploitation, and violence, with commitments to:

  • Advocating for safer environments, implementing best practices within our organizations, and reducing the risk of abuse for beneficiaries of service, clients, volunteers, staff, and employees
  • Promoting action that assures justice and supports healing for victims and survivors of abuse
  • Impacting culture and creating organizational change at local and community levels, that extends more broadly across philanthropy and other sectors
  • Honoring the dignity of every individual.
What is Safeguarding

Safeguarding is a word that was thoughtfully chosen to encompass these goals, on both the domestic and international level. There is no finite “end point” to this safeguarding journey. It requires ongoing learning, attention, and investment from our community.


Safeguarding’s Impact


Informed service providers, participants, and beneficiaries help create and sustain safe environments. A proactive team is a conscientious team, knowledgeable of boundaries, aware of risks, and committed to continuing education and development.

Everyone Is a Stakeholder In Safety


Policy & Response

Communicating an organization’s zero tolerance for abuse, affirmed by a written safeguarding policy, is a necessary first step in establishing safeguarding best practices.

Defined Policy Sets the Tone

Protections For
The Most Vulnerable

Organizations with strong protocols and educated personnel signal to clients and the general public that safety is a priority. Normalizing safeguarding in conversation and practice creates safer environments for vulnerable persons.

Closing Safeguarding Gaps Is Crucial

Increased Protection


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