The Role Of Philanthropy

Abuse has caused indelible harm to individuals, families, and communities. Within the philanthropic world, scandal has also impacted nonprofit organizations’ credibility and sustainability.

Philanthropy that prioritizes safeguarding best practices by engaging and educating funders and grantee partners offers a hopeful vision for the future.

Funder Leadership

Funders can provide access to critical resources, walk alongside partners in building capacity, and help normalize safeguarding expectations, so that
asking for a safeguarding policy becomes as normal as asking for a financial audit. Safeguarding collaboration between funders and grantee partners is not only an expression of shared values, but also an opportunity for long-term impact that drives culture change and sustains safe environments.

Funder Leadership

Initiative History


Launched in 2020, the Funder Safeguarding Pledge was the catalyst for FADICA foundations and their grantee partners in developing safeguarding best practices, with particular emphasis on preventing abuse and promoting safe organizational culture.

FADICA’s Funder Safeguarding Pledge engaged the philanthropic community in three ways:

  • Foremost, the Pledge enabled funders to support and communicate the shared priority of safe environments for children and vulnerable adults.
  • The Pledge recognized the important role that donors can play in promoting healthy organizational culture and sustaining safe environments.
  • The Pledge offered education and support to funders and their grantee partners, encouraging simple changes to the grant application process and funder-partner dialogue, and shaping accessible, actionable steps for funders and grantee partners to build their safeguarding understanding and response.

Through FADICA’s initiative, grantee partners of pledged members received access to a capacity-building program, including expert trainings and sample policies, at no cost for three years. For organizations that lacked capacity or financial resources to develop and sustain safeguarding best practices, this support was critical.

The initiative has evolved to include resources for any funder and grantee partner. While FADICA’s decision to create the pledge was rooted in principles of Catholic Social Teaching and a proactive response to the sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic Church, any funder can adopt a similar safeguarding pledge and adapt it to one’s grantmaking environment.


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