Consultation Hours

FADICA is partnered with Praesidium to provide consulting hours for your organization. We would like to better understand and support you in your safeguarding journey, and through consultation, we can provide improved, customized response to your questions.

This free, BILINGUAL service allows your organization to:

  • Talk about where you are in your safeguarding journey, and where you would like to be
  • Discuss common challenges that your organization faces, by virtue of the sector in which you work or the population served
  • Develop language for a policy with expert feedback
  • Receive an expert “second opinion” on existing safeguarding policies/protocols
  • Learn about safeguarding trends and research that may affect your community
  • Identify training opportunities for your team
  • And much more!


Personal conversation and gentle questions from an expert can help reveal truths about how your organization’s policy is consistently or inconsistently executed, how needs or expectations may have changed over time, and how your organization can begin to fill gaps.

Expert support is available in English and Spanish. Interested in consultation? Contact us today.