First Do No Harm: The Intersection of Safeguarding Efforts in Healthcare Settings

Recorded April 10, 2024

Description: In the last decade, investigative journalists have revealed numerous stories of sexual misconduct among healthcare workers from single cases of abuse to those harming over hundreds of patients. These cases have not only highlighted the destruction of lives of survivors but also the loss of careers of clinicians and the high costs against healthcare organizations in legal settlements. From understanding the vulnerability of those who need care, to the role of professional boundaries for providers of care, it is important to ensure that safeguarding systems are in place to maintain healthy relationships for the delivery of compassionate quality care.

Led by Beth Boyer Kollas, PhD, this webinar will examine the scope of the problem and key factors for consideration as small and large healthcare entities seek to ensure a safe environment for their patients and care providers.

Materials for Download:

FADICA-Praesidium Safeguarding Webinar Slides 041024