Initial Considerations for Beginning Your Safeguarding Journey

Recorded April 21, 2021

Description: Guided by Praesidium, an abuse risk management partner, viewers will learn the basics of safeguarding and consider the extent to which their programs intersect with opportunities for abuse prevention.
  • Who within your organization’s structure has access to the vulnerable client populations you serve and support?
  • How are there opportunities for privacy within and outside of your organization between your staff and specific client populations, and to what extent are those interactions safely managed?
  • What level of interaction or dynamics of control exist between your staff and specific client populations?

To begin building safer environments, we first need to understand the risks of abuse. Together, we will reflect on how to ask the right questions and gain inputs and investment from your organization’s leadership. These considerations will serve as guidance for step #2—developing a written safeguarding policy. Materials for Download: PowerPoint Slides

This video is the first in a two-part series. Watch Part Two now.