Safeguarding Principles to Inform Policy Development Recorded: March 30, 2022 Description: Join FADICA and Praesidium as we explore basic principles of safeguarding and the importance of rooting organizational safeguarding policy in one’s values and mission. […]

Safeguarding Responsibilities for Responding and Reporting

Recorded November 10, 2021 Description: Join Praesidium and FADICA for a conversation on safeguarding reporting protocols, including mandated civil reporting. Guided by Praesidium, nonprofit organizations will critically reflect on their […]

A Roadmap for Developing Your Safeguarding Policy

Recorded April 28, 2021 Description: Your organization is ready to move from consideration to action in its safeguarding journey—What next? Join Praesidium and FADICA as we explore a framework for developing […]

Supporting Cultures of Safety in a Time of Fatigue Recorded: December 10, 2020 Description: The global pandemic has critically impacted many frontline organizations, which continue to work tirelessly to meet the needs of clients. This webinar examines practical […]